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NEWS Mayflower-2

NEW: Mayflower-2

Reduced lumen output for outdoor spaces The NauticProfil® Mayflower-2 is an LED line designed for outdoor use. It is the first choice when a low lumen output is required and is ideal for use in parks and gardens, car parks, tunnels and subways. With the NP Mayflower-2 you can realise light lines of up to 65 m total length per …

Track Adapter News

NEW: FLASHAAR® TrackAdapter

Plug & play for all areas FLASHAAR® combines high quality standards with forward-thinking craftsmanship and creates products of uncompromising quality. Our NauticProfil® system stands for freedom in lighting design, a clear design language, and a design that can be effortlessly integrated into a wide variety of architectural environments. Linear lights for numerous application areas and installation situations are created from …

NEW: R4 – Façade profile

In cooperation with an EIFS manufacturer, we have developed the NauticProfil® R4. This special installation profile is embedded in the façade insulation board and glued with PU adhesive. Subsequently, the lateral reinforcement mesh on the R4 profile is filled in with the system-specific reinforcement mortar and plastered flush on the flanks. Converters can be easily and cleanly integrated through the …

News Premium-Coating

FLASHAAR® PremiumCoating

Growing quality demands are constantly presenting us with new challenges, which we are happy to meet. For many years, we have been encapsulating our NauticProfil® system with an extremely high-quality and resilient transparent polyurethane. This successfully protects our lights from moisture, dust, vibration, mechanical stress and other harmful environmental influences. Until now, however, it was not possible to deliver the …