Controllers Titelbild

Pico Constant Current Circuit Board-1

Constant current regulator with PWM input for silent dimming of CC-LEDs

  • Compact control unit for CC-LEDs
  • Step-down transducer
  • Switching frequency: 500 kHz
  • Continuously dimmable by means of PWM
  • High current carrying capacity of up to 0.7 A
  • High output power of up to 35 W
  • Solder pads at input and output
  • Electrolytic capacitors guarantee silent dimming
  • Ideal for integration in floor luminaires, table luminaires, wall luminaires, pendant luminaires or for installation in household appliances, such as extractor hoods etc.
  • Ideally suited to controlling by Lunatone DALI PWM #86458508-100
  • Option to connect of up to 60 FL/FPC-1s in parallel to one DALI PWM #86458508-100

Datasheet download [PDF]

Design and dimensions

Abmessungen Platine-1