Versatile Lighting Design for every Room Concept

TrackAdapter 24-20 Plug & Play

Suspended luminaires in particular are a clear eye-catcher in architecture. The HiTrack-1’s small dimensions of only 26 x 46mm have an unobtrusive effect and direct the focus on the light. The superbly finished surface is available in the usual high-quality anodised or powder-coated finishes. Our HiTrack-1 can therefore be integrated into numerous room and design concepts.


Our new FLASHAAR® HiTrack-1 profile finally brings together what belongs together. Passion and enthusiasm for light are clearly visible in the result of this unique profile – better luminaire. To brighten up the ceiling, our powerful NP system is integrated on the top. In addition to perfect monochromatic light with the highest colour rendition, the NP system also enables RGB or HCL lighting solutions. A major advantage results in particular from the integrated flat cable, which enables uninterrupted, long light lines that require only a single electrical feed.

On the bottom side, the HiTrack-1 realises an absolutely flexible and sustainable infrastructure thanks to the integration of the powerful and reliable ERCO Minirail. For both systems, quality and reliability are the standard.

Spotlights, downlights, wallwashers or even pendant luminaires can be inserted into the track and easily replaced or, if requirements change, relocated as needed at any time.

The extensive range of accessories from the FLASHAAR® and ERCO portfolio allows for a variety of arrangements and makes the HiTrack-1 a universal overall lighting solution that can also be customised to any project if required.

Our HiTrack-1 is manufactured from precision-machined, highquality extruded aluminium and is available in lengths up to 6 metres. The 48V low-voltage technology is characterised by very good energy efficiency and also reduces operating costs.

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