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NauticProfil® Line ‐ Linear luminaire inserts

Perfect lighting solutions with different light characteristics, optics, covers and lenses for countless applications

Proven in numerous projects: FLASHAAR® NauticProfil® luminaire inserts provide perfect linear light for a wide range of applications. This is ensured by a large selection of LED fittings and light characteristics as well as the available covers and lenses. Light lines of up to 120 metres in length can be realised with NauticProfil® luminaire inserts and the patented plug & play mounting principle with one electrical feed.

For the LEDs, we mainly use aluminium core boards that are specially assembled for us in Germany. They offer optimum cooling and the best light yield, long service life and low failure rates. The robust and high-quality aluminium luminaire inserts with optimal heat conduction properties also contribute to this.

* All information on lumen output refers to the light source. In combination with cover/lenses, there is a loss of light due to the material.
** Only approved for DALI DT8!

Discontinued products

The following models are being discontinued and will be replaced by newer / further developed products