S1 - The Classic

S1 Montageprofil
The classic for long lines of light and filigree luminaires: our NauticProfil® S1 is a slender surface-mounted profile that creates a visual unit with decorative sides when used in conjunction with the light insert.
The profile is highly suited for mounting on the surfaces of walls and ceilings and for elegant pendant luminaires. As a recessed profile, it can be perfectly integrated into the smallest of cavities, e.g. in handrails or items of furniture. For mounting there is a hole in an distance of 150 mm. The auxiliary line in the profile allows drilled additional holes without grain.

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S2 - For MountingClips

S2 Montageprofil

We have added a holding fixture for MountingClips to our tried-and-tested NP-S1 product for the NauticProfil® S2. These are available in different versions and with or without angles – perfect for symmetrical and asymmetrical lines of light and luminaires, for illuminating buildings and wall washers.

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S3 - For Integration in Facades

S3 Montageprofil

The NauticProfil® S3 series is a special design that is perfect for very high-quality contour and accent lighting. This Profil-S3 makes it possible to realise lines of light in total lengths of up to 120 metres from a single electrical feed ‒ and to do so at a first class price-performance ratio and up to 3 light circuits.

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H1 - Bi-Directional Beam

H1 Montageprofil

Long lines of light with bi-directional beam for ceilings and walls or smart pendant solutions with direct or indirect lighting – that‘s what the NauticProfil® H1 was specifically designed for.
The front cover, which may be removed completely, makes fitting and cabling simple and safe. The profile contains space for the concealed accommodation of controllers.

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H2 - Eliminate glare

H2 Montageprofil

The front cover on the NauticProfil® H2 is broader than that on the NP-H1, which helps eliminate glare. It also creates space for individual engravings, prints and films as well as for mirror elements and other decorative fittings.
It is also possible to remove the front cover on the NP-H2 for easy assembly and cabling. The profile provides space for accommodating controllers.

Data sheet download [PDF]


R1 - Ideal Installation Profile

R1 Montageprofil

Perfect integration into drywall and cavity ceilings: With our NauticProfil® R1 installation profile with frame, light lines for functional lighting and design effects remain concealed except for the light emission. The profile is attached with the help of brackets or retainers.

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R2 - Frameless Installation Profile

R2 Montageprofil

The R2 profile is suitable for mounting on walls and ceilings as well as for frameless integration into cavity ceilings or drywalls. As a mounting profile, it can be optimally integrated into cavities, like handrails for example. With our NauticProfil® R2, light lines for functional lighting and design effects remain hidden except for the light emission. An additional cover can be clicked into the upper part of the profile without tools.

Data sheet download [PDF]


R3 - Frameless Recessed Ceiling Profile

R3 Montageprofil

The NauticProfil® R3 is a solid, frameless recessed ceiling profile which can be integrated flush into the wall / Rigips ceiling and thus becomes a part of it. It can have single or, for higher loads, double planking.
The large surfaces provide stability as well as excellent heat dissipation, preventing cracking along the joints. Converters can be easily and cleanly integrated through the profile even when already installed. Discreet, long and frameless light lines assimilate perfectly into any architectural design thanks to the R3 profile.

Data sheet download [PDF]


R4 – Facade profile for external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS)

R4 Montageprofil

An LED profile that can be easily integrated into a plastered external thermal insulation system? No problem. In cooperation with a manufacturer, we have developed the NauticProfil® R4 precisely for this purpose.

This special installation profile can be embedded in the facade insulation board and glued with PU adhesive. Then the side mesh of the R4 profile is filled with the reinforcement mortar that belongs to the system and plastered flush on the flanks of the profile.

Converters can also be easily and neatly integrated through the profile during installation.

Discrete, long and frameless lines of light fit perfectly into any facade thanks to the R4 profile.

Data sheet download [PDF]


I1 - Integrated Reflector

I1 Montageprofil

The NP-I2 is a profile for attaching or mounting and was developed on the basis of the NauticProfil® I1. They are fitted to walls and ceilings using suitable retaining brackets into which the profile may be fitted without the need for tools. The luminaires may also be positioned on furniture and in this way create indirect ceiling lighting. The integrated reflector and trailing edge create precise light contours.

Data sheet download [PDF]


I2 - For Attaching or Mounting

I2 Montageprofil

Based on the NauticProfil® I1, the NauticProfil® I2 was developed for surface-mounted installation. Installation on ceilings and walls is carried out by means of a suitable mounting bracket into which the profile is inserted without any tools. The luminaires can also be mounted on furniture (e.g. cupboards) and thus provide indirect lighting of the ceiling. At the transition between the surface of the reflector and the front of the housing, a sharp edge has been designed into the form. This enables a sharp cut off between light and dark and ensures precise light framing.

Data sheet download [PDF]


W1 - Stylish Wall Lighting

W1 Montageprofil

Easy to plan and realise coved lighting: the NauticProfil® W1 is secured to walls using mounting plates or magnetic holders. Controllers disappear under covers. This makes the NP-W the perfect alternative to coved lighting in drywalls. Stylish wall luminaires for indirect illumination may easy be realised with the profile.

Data sheet download [PDF]


W2 - Flexible Wall Lighting

W2 Montageprofil

The NauticProfil® W2 is an elegant, flat alternative to drywall coves and is fixed to the wall by means of mounting plates or magnetic holders, e.g. on iron T-beams. LED boards can be mounted in different positions. Control gear disappears under a cover. Stylish wall lights for indirect lighting can be implemented with the profile.

Data sheet download [PDF]