TrackAdapter 24-20

NP Jago 808 +/- 105° G2

Long lines of light, whether with directed or diffuse lighting, with a CRI of more than 90, fit perfectly into the conductor rails.

This makes the FLASHAAR® LightInsert NP Jago ideal for high-quality general lighting in offices, retail outlets and showrooms as well as whenever the true colours need to be brilliantly and naturally represented.

The Jago 808 G2 is equipped with an extender that allows the luminaire to be tilted in 15° steps in the range of -105° to +105°. The lateral glare control of the luminaire makes UGR < 19 in C90 possible.
This means that the Jago 808 G2 can be easily adapted to different installation situations and is also suitable for glare-free task lighting in offices.

2600 lm/m | CRI > 90 | 2700 K – 4000 K

Datasheet download [PDF]
Jago 808 G2 Schema
Jago 808 G2

Jago 808 +/- 105° G2