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FLASHAAR® SAPP 1000/1500 – linear system luminaire with a wide range of variants for integration into SAPP ceilings

Modern construction in harmony with the environment and climate protection always presents us with new challenges. Correctly integrating the cooling and heating function in technical or intelligent ceilings in accordance with the aesthetic, lighting and acoustic requirements, is not always simple.

The FLASHAAR® SAPP 1000/1500 offers a tailor-made solution for various climate-control ceiling systems. Long lines of light, whether with directed or diffuse lighting, with a CRI of more than 94, fit perfectly in to the longitudinal axis of the ceiling panels.

This makes the FLASHAAR® SAPP 1000/1500 ideal for highquality general lighting in offices, retail outlets and showrooms as well as whenever the true colours need to be brilliantly and naturally represented.

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Construction and dimensions

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