Focus-3 4CH Titelbild


NauticProfil® Focus-3: HighPowerLED Light Inserts

Precision lenses, high-power LEDs and sophisticated switching controls (Focus-3 1CH) — the NauticProfil® Focus light inserts have been developed for particularly bright applications and formeeting the highest of demands that are made on the quality of light. They are available as single- and quadruple-channel versions and are therefore also able to fulfil even unusual light-colour requests.

Operating voltages of 48 V and low-current high-power LEDs allow the realisation of effective illumination systems with great operational reliability, low self-heating characteristics and unproblematic EMC properties.

Focus-3 Radiation behavior

Focus-3 Product Advantages

4400 Lumen, precisely to the Point

With a luminous flux of up to 4400 lumen/m and precision lenses on each HighPowerLED, the Focus-3 1CH light insert satisfies the high demands that are made on brightness and light distribution. It is therefore the optimum choice for lighting that must meet UGR specifications. Operating voltages of 48 V DC ensure high efficiencies and lifespans and make the Focus also interesting for traffic projects and installation locations with long supply lines. The LEDs are dimmed on the circuit board using an SPWM signal. A special feature of FLASHAAR®.

The Focus-3 1CH light insert is also available with black or transparent PU-encapsulation, IP65 protection.

15 m per feed-in (dimmed) | 4400 lm/m| CRI > 90 | 2200 K – 4000 K

Standard PIN assignment Focus-3 1-Channel

Focus-3 1-Channel

Light without Glare

The Focus-3 1CH Darklite light insert comes with the same precision lenses and high-power LEDs as the standard version but equipped with an additional aluminium cover to provide the best possible protection against glare.
Because the entire brightness is only visible on the illuminated area, the luminaire becomes an almost glare-free luminaire that is a noble high-quality eye-catching ceiling fixture.

The Focus-3 1CH Darklite is also optionally available with a protective glass for the lenses.

15 m per feed-in (dimmed) | 4400 lm/m | CRI > 90 | 2200 K – 4000 K

Standard PIN assignment Focus-3 1-Channel Darklite

Focus-3 1Channel Darklite

Regular Lighting Effect in RGBW

Powerful LEDs in R, G, B and different shades of white make it possible to create effective settings for shop windows, stages and facades with the Focus-3 4CH light insert.

The Focus-3 4CH also works with constant current technology and is characterised by high efficiencies, long life spans and by the fact that it generates little heat. Different configurations with different LEDs allow a variety of applications.

3028 lm/m | CRI > 90 | 2700 K + RGB

Focus-3 4Channel

RGBW Light Effects without Glare

Light effects achieved with the Focus-3 4CH Darklite light insert are visible on the illuminated surface – the LEDs themselves remain almost completely concealed and glarefree behind the cover made from high-quality aluminium.

The high-power LEDs deliver sufficient brightness and rich colours. The light insert, which is operated with a constant current of typ. 350 mA, is also perfectly suited for installation locations that are associated with long feed lines.

3028 lm/m | CRI > 90 | 2700 K + RGB

Focus-3 4CH Darklite