Adapter for OLIGO Spots & Luminaires

The luminaire insert NauticProfil® OLIGO-Adapt-2 is a special adapter that allows the SMART.POINT plug contact luminaires from OLIGO to be easily integrated into our NauticProfil® system. It can be used with a simple „click“ in the respective NP mounting profile.

The NauticProfil® OLIGO-Adapt-2 enables a flexible installing and aligning of spots and pendant luminaires in the line system. A combination with other NP system luminaires is possible. So both, homogeneous, wide-beam illumination (e.g. NP Line) as well as accent lighting to furniture or pictures (NP Adapt) can be realized with the NP system. In case that areas should be modernized or used differently, the luminaires can easily be replaced or moved to other positions.

Special features:

  • all the housing colours according to the NP mounting profiles are available
  • unified system design: dimensions correspond to the lighting inserts NP Line and NP Focus with cover square as well as NP Blind
  • simple installation without tools (a simple “click”)
  • you can find matching plug-in luminaires at OLIGO

Typical uses:

  • accent lighting and decorative lighting
  • combinations of point light and linear light
  • all areas where rail systems are used, e.g. in case of inconvenient cable outlet or frequently changing room situations: living area, museums, galleries

Depending on the weight of the selected OLIGO system luminaire, the OLIGOAdapt-2 must also be mechanically fastened to the mounting profile – contact us!