The Globe — sustainable and flexible cultural venue with luminosity

During the multi-year general renovation of the historic State Theater in Coburg, a new urban quarter is being created on the site of the former freight yard in the south of the city.
An area for events, art and culture, trade and industry - in short, a meeting place for everyone. At 18 meters high, the “Globe” is a structural highlight of the district and, based on the Elizabethan Globe Theater in London, is an impressive circular building with wooden cladding. It serves as a temporary home for the Coburg State Theater and will continue to enrich cultural life for young and old as a multifunctional multi-purpose hall.

Energy-efficient LED lighting is intended to describe the special architecture with light and, among other things, serve as a route guide, with the light and its effect being in the foreground, while the lights themselves are understated in terms of design.

The wooden structure should “glow” - this means the façade behind, in front of which the wooden slats are located.
NauticProfil® LED lines of type Nova-6 flood the rear façade with warm white light and the slats appear dark in the foreground. This lighting makes the contours of the building easier to read, the materiality is emphasized and the globe takes on a lively and luminous character.

In the hall, which has outstanding, clear acoustics, LED lines on all levels highlight the room architecture and provide basic lighting with pleasant, warm light. Individually adapted lights in the steps provide orientation and provide safety.

The hallway walls in the entrance area and the vestibules are traced with light from above. At the same time, power rails that run parallel to the LED lines create a variable lighting solution. Images from changing exhibitions can be individually accentuated with light. A multifunctional place that offers much more than just a (substitute) theater stage.


City of Coburg

lighting design

FLASHAAR Engineers GmbH


Sebastian Kolm

FLASHAAR® products used

mounting profiles

NauticProfil® S1
NauticProfil® H1, black anodized

lamp inserts

NauticProfil® Nova-6, 3000K, CSW
NauticProfil® Navigator-3, 3000K, CSW
NauticProfil® Victory-7, 3000K, CSW

spots / spotlights

a building with a circular structure and trees