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Innovative LED Technologies in Harmony with our Environment

FLASHAAR® combines ingenuity, high quality standards and future-oriented craftsmanship with high-tech components:

By using state-of-the-art LED technology, a high degree of production depth and quality assurance in our in-house lighting laboratory, we create products without compromising on quality.

Based on a unique Plug & Play technology for lighting, we have been developing and producing LED system kits for over 12 years.

Our goal: Achieving growth whilst protecting the environment and the climate. Our energy-saving lighting solutions replace old lighting systems which consume large amounts of energy and thus greatly reduce CO2 emissions. We take care to ensure short transport routes to our suppliers and only use pollutantfree and recyclable materials. Research and Development, Sales, and Production teams work hand in hand and in close cooperation under one roof.

Our innovative profile systems and energy-efficient lighting solutions showcase modern and historic buildings, underscore unusual design concepts and provide functional lighting. Lighting planners, architects, hotel designers and yacht outfitters all rely on our quality products that are exclusively “Made in Germany”; we have long-standing partnerships with many of them, which have grown out of numerous projects throughout Germany and internationally.

We provide the greatest possible freedom in lighting design, a clear design language, and a design that integrates effortlessly into a wide variety of architectural environments. We focus on maximising what is feasible and solutions that are always perfectly suited to changing requirements. This is what FLASHAAR® stands for – you can take our word for it.

Swen Flashaar-Bloedorn
Geschäftsführer / CEO

FLASHAAR is your partner for lighting all along the line – let’s talk about your project.

Swen Flashaar-Bloedorn


15 years of competence in lighting

High-quality and energy-efficient LED lamps – developed to individual customer specifications and manufactured in Bingen am Rhein – that’s what FLASHAAR LEDLight stands for. Our innovative profile systems and lighting solutions have been used to set the scene for modern and historic buildings, highlight extraordinary design concepts and realise functional lighting for 14 years now.

Lighting designers and architects, hotel designers and yacht outfitters all work with our high-quality products that are ‘Made in Germany’ – and we’ve been collaborating with many of them on the basis of long-standing partnerships that have developed from the numerous projects we’ve realised throughout Germany and other countries.

From our special solutions we create serial products. Our experience grows from pioneering spirit. We bring our entire know-how in the design, implementation and production of LED lighting systems to your projects.



FLASHAAR® PremiumCoating is registered for a patent. The specially developed potting process for NauticProfil® LightInserts makes it possible to supply luminaires for indoor and outdoor use with exactly the same colour location.


FLASHAAR® LEDLight ranks among the TOP 100! FLASHAAR® LEDLight GmbH & Co. KG from Bingen has taken its place among the best in the 26th event of the TOP 100 innovation competition.
In an independent selection process, the 19-member company impressed with its success in innovation.


Acquisition of a nearly 8 m² large CNC portal milling machine for the 2.5 D machining of luminaire housing. This allows multiple parts to be processed simultaneously, precisely and quickly. An important prerequisite for series production.


FLASHAAR LEDLight will be celebrating 10 years of success in the market. The anniversary year will see the opening of the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall in Hamburg – and FLASHAAR profiles and spotlights will be directing visitors’ attention to the globally unique organ, the central acoustic reflector and the 800 steps in the Grand Hall.


FLASHAAR sets up its own in-house lighting laboratory with far-field goniometer equipment and is now able to provide precise technical lighting details for all its lamps.


Production capacities are expanded with an NC-controlled under-table cross-cut and mitre saw and CNC drilling-and-milling machine.


Facilities, commercial premises and private homes – many architects and lighting designers are turning to NauticProfil® for their lighting solutions. Pictured: Südertor Lippstadt.


FLASHAAR HighPowerProfil-2 lamps installed in the Hofbräuhaus – one of Munich’s most famous landmarks.


NauticProfil patented – originally designed for use in yacht building, it has now become established as a modular system for sophisticated indoor and outdoor lighting.


The Old Bridge in Heidelberg is illuminated by FLASHAAR’s modern LED contour lighting. A plug-and-play profile system was specifically developed for this project. Special lamps are used to set the scene for the Rhein-Nahe-Eck not far from the company headquarters and Boehringer Ingelheim also installs FLASHAAR lighting systems at its staff restaurant.


Swen Flashaar-Bloedorn starts manufacturing LED lamps as the CEO of FLASHAAR LEDLight. His father, Wilfried Flashaar-Bloedorn, had established the company a year previously to satisfy demand for high-quality LED solutions. Wilfried had been managing FLASHAAR Ingenieure – a planning firm that specialised in electrical engineering, lighting engineering and lighting design – before that since 1984.