TrackAdapter 24-20

TrackAdapter 24-20

FLASHAAR® TrackAdapter 24-20 – for integration into tracks

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The new FLASHAAR® TrackAdapter 24-20 has been developed to allow an optimal and easy integration of FLASHAAR® NP LightInserts into tracks (e.g. by Erco, Zumtobel, Eutrac).

The FLASHAAR® TrackAdpater contains a socket into which the completely pre-assembled NP LightInserts with their piercing contacts are “clicked” thanks to our proven Plug&Play principle. Replacement is just as easy, should they ever be replaced or exchanged.

With various optics and colour temperatures, the NP Light-Inserts can be adapted to changing facilities. It also provides excellent conditions for implementing long light lines in the track.

Optionally dimmable via CASAMBI or DALI.

FLASHAAR® TrackAdapter 24-20 Casambi — Lightcontrolling via App


Smartphones, tablets, PCs and even smartwatches may be used to easily control FLASHAAR® luminaires. We employ Casambi modules and the corresponding iOS and Android apps to do so. This combination makes it possible to control luminaires without the need for complicated cabling and installation.

It‘s possible to combine them into switching groups, control them with timers and sensors and program them for individual lighting scenes. Both brightness and the colour of FLASHAAR‘s RGB and RGBW luminaires may be easily controlled by an app.

This means that atmospheric lighting for any ambience may be created with Casambi controls used in conjunction with FLASHAAR® lighting systems.


FLASHAAR® TrackAdapter 24-20 DALI DT6

Image Image
  • Integrated 1 channel DALI LED dimmer
  • Dimming range 0.1%-100%
  • PWM frequency switchable (122Hz/244Hz/488Hz/976Hz) Low standby losses
  • High efficiency
  • Configuration via DALICockpit PC software and DALI USB interface

When selecting the track, please ensure that
7-wire surface mounting rail with data bus.

MiniLine-2 Cover und Linsen

FLASHAAR® TrackAdapter 24-20 — Installation Note

FLASHAAR® TrackAdapter 24-20 — Zusammenbau
TrackAdapter Montage-1-1
TrackAdapter Montage-1-2

Insert FLASHAAR® TrackAdapter 24-20 or FLASHAAR® TrackAdapter 24-20 CASAMBI / DALI into the track, making sure that the direction of assembly is correct.

TrackAdapter Montage-2-1
TrackAdapter Montage-2-2

Use the assembly tool to fix and electrify the adapter.
set to Phase 1: clockwise direction of rotation
set to Phase 2: anti-clockwise direction of rotation
set to Phase 3: anti-clockwise direction of rotation

TrackAdapter Montage-3
TrackAdapter Montage-4

Then align the FLASHAAR® LightInsert 808 or the FLASHAAR® LightInsert 808 +|- 90° with the front side of the piercings into the contacting socket of the FLASHAAR® TrackAdapter 24-20 or FLASHAAR TrackAdapter 24-20 CASAMBI and clip in. Do the electrification - done. Turn on the power. Finished.