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City Center Bingen

With the opening of the CityCenter Bingen, the city completes the redesign of the pedestrian zone around the former department store.
In 22 months of construction work, the aging building and the associated square were transformed into a new attraction. The lighting concept implemented as part of the conversion work creates an atmospheric inner-city spatial atmosphere and uses the medium of light to guide visitors into the main pedestrian zone.
Ground recessed spotlights were installed around the CityCenter, which stage the trees in white and RGB colors depending on the season and for special occasions. For this, the lighting designers used a total of 26 FLASHAAR® Solaris spotlights. The CityCenter staircase is illuminated with different colored LED lines at the transition to the pedestrian zone and entrance area.
The color changes can be programmed in parallel with the Solaris spotlights or in contrast to them. Miniature LED points were also integrated into the banister handrail, which brighten up the running zones of the steps, to ensure safe use of the stairs. In addition to supplying the 26 Solaris spotlights, FLASHAAR LEDLight was also responsible for installing them and programming the entire lighting control system.


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