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Product database EPREL (EU Product Registry for Energy Labelling)

On 1 January 2019, the European Commission introduced an electronic database for energy-related products - the so-called "EU Product Registration database for Energy Labelling" (EPREL). In this database, all products marketed in the European Union with energy labels are to be recorded uniformly. The scope of the product database includes all energy-related products for which a delegated regulation has been issued under the EU Framework Regulation 2017/1369 or the EU Directive 2010/30/EU.

The product information to be entered into the database by suppliers/manufacturers concerns the energy label, technical documentation and compliance monitoring. Consumers can access the database by scanning the QR code on the new energy labels. The database contains detailed information on all registered products. The EPREL database contains the specific product data sheet and energy label for each registered product.

Access to our EPREL data can be found in the product tables below.

FLASHAAR® Linear luminaires

Product Article Number EPREL-Data
Mayflower-2 3000 K FLNP/L/10B0508/930
Mayflower-3 2200 K NP/L1C/10C0510/922
Mayflower-3 2700 K NP/L1C/10C0510/927
Mayflower-3 3000 K NP/L1C/10C0510/930
Mayflower-3 4000 K NP/L1C/10C0510/940
Mayflower-3 6500 K NP/L1C/10C0510/965
Sta. Maria-4 2700 K FLNP/L/01C0508/927
Sta. Maria-4 4000 K FLNP/L/01C0508/940
Sta. Maria-5 3000 K FLNP/L/01D0508/830
Sta. Maria-6 2200 K NP/L1C/01E0510/922
Sta. Maria-6 2700 K NP/L1C/01E0510/927
Sta. Maria-6 3000 K NP/L1C/01E0510/930
Sta. Maria-6 4000 K NP/L1C/01E0510/940
Sta. Maria-6 6500 K NP/L1C/01E0510/965
Victory-6 2700 K FLNP/L/03E0508/927
Victory-6 3000 K FLNP/L/03E0508/930
Victory-6 4000 K FLNP/L/03E0508/940
Victory-7 2200 K NP/L1C/03F0510/922
Victory-7 2700 K NP/L1C/03F0510/927
Victory-7 3000 K NP/L1C/03F0510/930
Victory-7 4000 K NP/L1C/03F0510/940
Victory-7 6500 K NP/L1C/03F0510/965
Navigator 2700 K FLNP/L/14A0508/827
Navigator 3000 K FLNP/L/14A0508/830
Navigator 4000 K FLNP/L/14A0508/840
Navigator-2 2700 K FLNP/L/14B0508/827
Navigator-2 3000 K FLNP/L/14B0508/830
Navigator-2 4000 K FLNP/L/14B0508/840
Navigator-3 2200 K NP/L1C/14C0510/822
Navigator-3 2700 K NP/L1C/14C0510/827
Navigator-3 3000 K NP/L1C/14C0510/830
Navigator-3 4000 K NP/L1C/14C0510/840
Navigator-3 6500 K NP/L1C/14C0510/865
Radiant 2700 K FLNP/L/15A0508/927
Radiant 3000 K FLNP/L/15A0508/930
Radiant 4000 K FLNP/L/15A0508/940
Jago 2700 K FLNP/L/19A0508/927
Jago 3000 K FLNP/L/19A0508/930
Jago 4000 K FLNP/L/19A0508/940
Jago-2 2200 K NP/L1C/19B0510/922
Jago-2 2700 K NP/L1C/19B0510/927
Jago-2 3000 K NP/L1C/19B0510/930
Jago-2 4000 K NP/L1C/19B0510/940
Jago-2 6500 K NP/L1C/19B0510/965
Nova-4 2700 K FLNP/L/06D0508/827
Nova-4 3000 K FLNP/L/06D0508/830
Nova-5 2700 K FLNP/L/06E0508/827
Nova-5 3000 K FLNP/L/06E0508/830
Nova-5 4000 K FLNP/L/06E0508/840
Nova-6 2200 K NP/L1C/06F0510/822
Nova-6 2700 K NP/L1C/06F0510/827
Nova-6 3000 K NP/L1C/06F0510/830
Nova-6 4000 K NP/L1C/06F0510/840
Nova-6 6500 K NP/L1C/06F0510/840
Pegasus-4 2700/5600 K FLNP/L/09D0508/927/956
Pegasus-3 Gold 2200/3000 K FLNP/L/16A0508/822/930
Pegasus-3 Gold 2200/4000 K FLNP/L/16A0508/822/840


Product Article number EPREL Data
Focus-4 1CH 2700 K FLNP/F1C/D0258/927
Focus-4 1CH 3000 K FLNP/F1C/D0258/930
Focus-4 1CH 4000 K FLNP/F1C/D0258/840
Focus-3 4CH 2700 K FLNP/F4C/C0258/927
Focus-3 4CH 2200/6500 K FLNP/F4C/C0258/822/765
Focus-3 4CH 2700/8400 K FLNP/F4C/C0258/927/840


Product Article Number EPREL-Data
Horizon 2700 K FLNNP/L/01A0510/927
Horizon 3000 K FLNNP/L/01A0510/930
Horizon 3500 K FLNNP/L/01A0510/935
Horizon 4000 K FLNNP/L/01A0510/940


Product Article Number EPREL-Data
PicoSpot 2700 K 350 mA FLNP/PS1C/927/350mA
PicoSpot 2700 K 500 mA FLNP/PS1C/927/500mA
PicoSpot 3000 K 350 mA FLNP/PS1C/930/350mA
PicoSpot 3000 K 500 mA FLNP/PS1C/930/500mA