High-quality and energy-efficient LED lights, custom-developed and produced at the Bingen am Rhein site - that's what FLASHAAR® stands for.

Our patented NauticProfil® system

FLASHAAR® — competence in light

NauticProfil® System — freedom in designing with light

Thanks to our unique Plug & Play technology, very long light lines of up to 100m can be implemented with just one electrical feed - and without complex wiring.

FLASHAAR® special lights — More than just standard

In addition to our proven and versatile lighting systems, we also plan and implement tailor-made and perfectly shaped lighting solutions with you, suitable for every situation.

Made in Germany — for FLASHAAR® more than just a phrase

Research and development, sales and production work hand in hand under one roof in Bingen am Rhein. We value the highest quality and reliability and ensure short transport routes to our suppliers.