Solaris Headers Small
Solaris-2 White

1031 lm* | CRI > 80/90 | 2700K - 4000K + RGB


RGBW spot, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

The Solaris-2 is an outstanding and efficient LED spot in a compact design.
Developed for the vertical illumination of facades indoors and outdoors, it can be discreetly integrated into any architecture. With different configurations, the Solaris-2 can be adapted to the respective requirement profile of the customer.
Soft to razor-sharp light spots: the radiation characteristics of the Solaris-2 can be precisely defined using different lenses. The four channels of the Solaris-2 make it possible to display different light scenes or color changes. The cover plate of the spot consists of thermally hardened glass which is ceramically printed.


Optionally with honeycomb grid between lenses and cover panel for maximum glare control. Order number: FL/SO-2/HGB

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Type CH 1 CH 2 CH 3 CH 4
4CH, RGB-927 XX R XX G XX B 927
4CH, RGB-930 XX R XX G XX B 930
4CH, RGB-840 XX R XX G XX B 840
4CH, blue XX B XX B XX B XX B
4CH, 2700K, CRI>90 927 927 927 927
4CH, 3000K, CRI > 90 930 930 930 930
4CH, 4000K, CRI > 80 840 840 840 840

* All information on the lumen flow refers to the light source. In combination with covers / lenses, there is a material-related loss of light.

Technical specifications

Operating current: typically 350 mA (max. 700 mA)
Nominal wattage: depending on light color per channel, eg red: 3.1 W, green: 4.5 W, blue: 4.3 W, white: 4.2 W
Photometric code: 927/339 (for white) + RGB
LED service life: L80/B10 72,000 h, L90/B10 34,000 h
Dimmable: Constant current pulse width modulation (CC PWM)