Infinitely dimmable | 5 – 48V | Output current 350/500/700mA

Pico constant current board-1

Constant current controller with PWM input for silent dimming of CC-LED

  • Compact control unit for CC-LED
  • Step down converter
  • Switching frequency: 500 kHz
  • Infinitely dimmable via PWM
  • high current carrying capacity of up to 0.7 A
  • high output power of up to 35 W
  • Solder pads at the input and output
  • Elkos guarantee noiseless dimming
  • Ideal for integration in floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, pendant lamps or for installation in household appliances such as extractor hoods, etc.
  • excellently suited for control by means of Lunatone DALI PWM #86458508-100
  • Up to 60 FL/FPC-1 units can be connected in parallel to a DALI PWM #86458508-100
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Technical specifications

Dimension: 66.79x13.5x7mm
Input voltage: 5-48VDC
Output voltage: 48VDC max
U PWM+: 48VDC max
Output current (adjustable): 350/500/700mA
Soldering jumpers: open 350mA
bridge J1 500mA
bridge J1+J2 700mA
Reverse polarity protection: yes
Output short circuit proof: yes
PWM+ switching threshold: > 2V OFF
< 2V ON
PWM+ max.Voltage: 48VDC