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3028 lm/m | CRI > 90 | 2700K + RGB

NP Focus-3 4CH Darklight

RGBW lighting effects without glare

Light effects can be perceived with the NauticProfil® Focus-3 4CH Darklight light insert on the lighting surface - the LEDs themselves remain almost glare-free behind the cover made of high-quality aluminum.
The high-power LEDs provide sufficient brightness and rich colors.
The luminaire insert, which is operated with a constant current of typically 350 mA, is also perfectly suited for installation locations with long supply lines. Length of the lamp inserts from 103 mm (nominal 4.06 W) to max. 1020 mm (nominal 48.72 W), division grid is 83.3 mm.
The standard and special lengths, including the wattages, can be found in our data sheet.
Danger! For thermal reasons, the permissible power of all channels is 25 W/m, although the nominal total electronic power is 48.72 W/m.
We recommend a Lunatone DALI DT8 4-channel dimmer 700 mA to operate the light insert.

Download data sheet

* All information on the lumen flow refers to the light source. In combination with covers / lenses, there is a material-related loss of light.

Technical specifications

nominal current: typically 350 mA (max. 700 mA)
Nominal wattage: depending on light color per channel, eg RGBW 26.88 W/m with DALI DT8 dimmer
Photometric code: 927/339 (for white) + RGB
LED service life: L80/B10 > 72,000 hours L90/B10 > 34,000 hours
Dimmable: CC Pulse width modulation (CC PWM)
Length dividing matrix: 83.33mm
LED pitch: 27.75mm, 36LEDs/m
LED pitch: 20.83 mm (inside group), 83.33 mm (between channels), 48 LEDs/m