H2flex Motivbild

H2flex – Modular System: Light – how and where to plan

H2flex Montageprofil

H2flex – space-forming modular system between luminaire and completion of the interior

LED lights are getting smaller and smaller … but what happens to them in large rooms? We have been confronted with this problem by many planners who have to manage not only the light, but also the interior design. High, wide corridors, foyers with openly visible ceiling installations, suspended light tracks above large tables…

Other planners have had to struggle with the fact that additional trades are required for retrospectively planned lighting in order to modify components or bring them into the building, such as light coves, projections, installation modules…

FLASHAAR® provides many answers with the new H2flex modular system. Confusing? Allow us to explain. Whether direct or indirect, directional, asymmetrical or homogeneous light, all conceivable combinations are possible: on the wall, on the ceiling, suspended, or diagonally in the room, as a solitaire or an enormous, space-forming unit. This is maximum creative freedom at the highest level where interior and lighting design come together.

The precisely processed extruded aluminium profiles and endplates guarantee hold and stability. The surfaces of the H2flex impress with the usual excellent quality, available anodised in silver or black, with the option of powder-coating.

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