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H2Flex exploded view

H2flex modular system —
guarantee for a wealth of variants

Simple in form - grandiose in effect

At first glance, the H2flex appears simple from the outside: a well-proportioned, rectangular modular system with any length up to 6000 mm.
Inside, on the other hand, the complex technical sophistication is evident. With just a few basic elements, everything is conceivable from this modular system, every variant is feasible. From the various H2flex system profiles, the required luminaire can be created from the countless housing variants in just a few simple steps.
It doesn't matter whether it's direct or indirect light, whether it's mounted on the wall or suspended from the ceiling - all conceivable combinations are possible.

high quality | universal | reliable | bright | straight forward
H2-Flex_Application 3Cc
H2-Flex_Application 2Dd
H2-Flex_Application 2Bb
H2-Flex_Application 3Cc

    Light — how and where you plan

    LED lighting is getting smaller and smaller - but what happens with it in large rooms?
    Many planners confronted us with this problem, who on the one hand had to get the light and on the other hand the interior design under control. High, wide corridors, foyer situations with openly visible ceiling installations, suspended light rails above large tables ... Other planners had to struggle with the need for additional trades for retrofitted lighting in order to change components or bring them into the building, such as light coves, projections, Built-in / assembly boxes ...
    FLASHAAR® provides many answers with the new modular system H2flex. All conceivable combinations are possible - whether direct or indirect, whether directed, asymmetrical or homogeneous light emission. Whether on the wall, on the ceiling, suspended or diagonally in the room, as a solitaire or an enormous, space-defining unit. This is maximum creative freedom at the highest level where interior design and lighting design merge.

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    H2flex light inserts

    NauticProfil® light inserts and the NauticNanoProfil LED lines can be integrated into our H2flex . The housing offers enough space to accommodate electronic ballasts.