Campus Bridge Mainz

Creating a connection between Johannes Gutenberg University and Mainz University of Applied Sciences – with this goal in mind, the campus bridge over Koblenzer Strasse in Mainz was built according to plans by the architects Schneider+Schumacher.
Lines of light from FLASHAAR® stretch across the approximately 60 meter long bridge on both sides. They underline the dynamic lines of the modern building, set the scene for the bridge and ensure safety at night. The NauticProfil system is used, which enables long lines of light with uniform illumination and is easy to install thanks to the plug & play assembly. For the campus bridge, the lights were built in an impact-resistant and vandalism-protected version. The PU encapsulation protects the lights against dust and water jets according to IP65.


Stadtwerke Mainz

lighting design

FLASHAAR engineers


Jurgen Fey

FLASHAAR® products used

mounting profiles

NauticProfil® S1

lamp inserts

NauticProfil® Victory-4 | 4000K

spots / spotlights

Bridge Koblenzer-Strasse-Mainz-07
Bridge Koblenzer-Strasse-Mainz-06
Bridge Koblenzer-Strasse-Mainz-04
Bridge Koblenzer-Strasse-Mainz-03
Bridge Koblenzer-Strasse-Mainz-02
Bridge Koblenzer-Strasse-Mainz-01