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Service Titelbild

Light Laboratory

In our lighting laboratory, we measure luminaires with a modern far-field goniometer - also as a service for you. The resulting digital light distribution curves in various file formats enable lighting designers and architects to integrate our luminaires into their lighting calculations. The measurement data also provide important information for sales and conclusions for the further development and improvement of your luminaires.

Potting System for polyurethane potting

Since 2017, we have been casting our luminaires with an in-house CNC casting system. The custom-built system guarantees reproducible high-quality transparent polyurethane casting (PU casting) of our luminaires.

We cast our NauticProfil system (NP system) on tables using a precise 3-axis linear robot. This enables us to achieve a reproducibly consistent quantity and quality for every NP LightInsert.

Special Luminaires

In addition to our tried-and-tested and versatile lighting systems, we also design and build special designs according to your wishes and requirements - from one-offs to series production. Our extensive machinery and the competence of our employees offer extensive possibilities here.


Refitting old lighting technology requires a great deal of sensitivity. The aim here is to optimise the lighting without changing its appearance. We are happy to help you with our skills and experience.