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RGB: 1500lm/m* | 28 m per feed-in (dimmed)

NP Defiant

RGB LEDs create an individual play of colors and a first-class RGB white

Effect light or decorative applications: With its RGB LEDs, the NauticProfil® Defiant enables impressive color changes and first-class RGB white.
Due to the special geometry and arrangement of the LEDs, white can also be displayed in high quality.
The very small point spacing of the RGB LEDs enables a homogeneously illuminated cover. The LED technology used guarantees that the colors do not break up in combination with linear lenses.
The NauticProfil® Defiant is available in lengths of 112 – 1008 mm.
The standard lengths, including the wattages, can be found in our data sheet. Danger! A luminaire insert with IP65 or IP65 premium encapsulation can only be implemented in lengths from 112 mm to 1008 mm.

Download data sheet
light wavelength 620nm 525nm 470nm
lumen flow max. 1161 lm/m max. 2572 lm/m max. 735 lm/m

* All information on the lumen flow refers to the light source. In combination with covers / lenses, there is a material-related loss of light.

Technical specifications

Rated voltage: 48VDC (Range: 46 to 50VDC)
Nominal wattage: 3 x 16.8W/m
LED service life: L80/B10 > 75,000 hours
Dimmable: Pulse width modulation (PWM)
Length dividing matrix: 100mm
LED pitch: 6.64mm, 150LEDs/m
Max. length per feed-in: L(max) DIMMED = 28m (500W/CH)