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3112 lm/m* | CRI > 90 | 2200K - 6500K | 42 m per feed-in

NP Jago-2

High luminous flux and excellent color rendering

Regardless of whether it is directed or diffuse emission, with our NauticProfil® Jago-2 you can create outstanding, long lines of light with an excellent color rendering value of CRI > 90.
The NauticProfil® Jago-2 is predestined for high-quality general lighting in offices, specialist shops and representative rooms, exhibitions or galleries.
It is the ideal solution when colors need to be reproduced particularly brilliantly and true to nature.
Five color temperatures are available. The NauticProfil® Jago-2 is available in a length of 112 - 2004 mm.
The standard and special lengths, including the wattages, can be found in our data sheet. Danger! A luminaire insert with IP65 or IP65 premium encapsulation can only be implemented in lengths from 112 mm to 1008 mm.

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color temperature WW 2200K WW 2700K WW 3000K NW 4000K DL 6500K
CRI type. 93 94 93 92 91
Lumen flow* typ. 2622lm/m 3112lm/m 3272lm/m 3496lm/m 3522lm/m
922 927 930 940 965

* All information on the lumen flow refers to the light source. In combination with covers / lenses, there is a material-related loss of light.

Technical specifications

Rated voltage: 48VDC (Range: 44.25 to 49.5VDC)
Nominal wattage: 24W/m
Photometric code: 9XX/339; CRI > 90
Luminous efficiency [type]: 135lm/W
LED service life: L90/B10 > 100,000 hours
Dimmable: Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
Length dividing matrix: 100mm
LED pitch: 6.64mm, 150LEDs/m
Max. length per feed-in: L(max) DIMMED = 42m (1110W)