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Old treasures in new splendour

FLASHAAR® Refitting

We also take great pleasure in refitting old treasures. This requires a sure instinct when it comes to optimising the lighting while preserving the old charm.

Rochuskapelle Leuchte Innen

It doesn't always have to be new

In many historic buildings and classic yachts, the restoration of old luminaires calls for very special expertise and, of course, experience. The old craft used to know professions such as girdlers, tin beaters and coppersmiths. Today, these terms have long been forgotten. In the past, luminaires were genuine works of art, which had only a very incidental function, namely to “light up”. The manufacturers of that time created luminaires with unique craftsmanship, which are still unique pieces of art today.

Our declared aim in refitting these luminaires is to preserve the unique atmosphere and the highest possible fidelity to the original. At the same time, we want to create new, modern and energy-efficient lighting. The advantages of LED technology, for example the miniaturisation of the “illuminant” LED and the outstanding longevity, allow a careful restoration as well as the invisible conversion to LED technology, made possible by a lot of skill and attention to detail.

We at FLASHAAR® make it possible.

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