Regional Express Train At Frankfurt Am Main Station, Germany
train light

2000lm | CRI > 85 | 4000K

DB platform light

Custom-made for Deutsche Bahn

Our DB roof lighting is a project-specific light that was specially developed for installation in the platform roof (model type Hamburg) at Frankfurt Central Station.
The lamp is designed in such a way that it can be easily installed in the existing cut-outs in the “Hamburg platform roof”.
In order to adjust the inclination individually to the on-site conditions after installation, the angle of inclination can also be adjusted by up to +/-15° from the axis. The light is tested for functionality at least 24 hours before delivery. It is supplied ready for connection with a 2 m long connection cable, type Ölflex 540P 2x0.75 mm 2 , with an open cable end.

The dimensions given can also be adjusted individually. The luminaire can therefore be adapted to any ceiling cutout size and is not tied to a fixed opening size. The light is scalable and flexible, meaning the following points can be individually adjusted:

  • Opening dimension
  • Installation or construction
  • Number of light heads (luminous flux)
  • light distribution curve
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    Technical specifications

    2000lm | CRI > 85 | 4000K

    Dimensions: 342 x 196 x 140mm (L x D x H) *
    Weighted: 5kg
    color location: 4000K
    Color rendering index | CRI: > 85
    Lumen flow: 2000 lm
    Beam angle FWHM*: C0/C180: 45.6°
    C90-C270: 56.4°
    Internal operating current ECG: 650mA
    Power LED: 162.5mA (Samsung)
    Number of LED groups: 4
    Overvoltage protection: Type Dehn DCOR L 1P 275 (900 431)
    Rated discharge current (8/20 μs) (In): 5kA
    Max. discharge surge current (8/20 μs) (Imax): 10kA
    Protection level [LN] (UP): ≤ 1.5kV
    Protection level [LN] at 3 kA (UP): ≤ 1kV
    Protection level [LN] at 1.5 kA (UP): ≤0.85KV
    Response time [LN] (tA): ≤ 25ns
    Number of light heads: 2
    Independent Lightheads: Yes
    control gear: 2x SLT35-1000IB(L)-UN
    supply voltage: 230VAC
    Frequency: 50-60HZ
    inrush current: 2x20A = 40A
    Performance/Efficiency: 2 x 9.5W (50Hz) / > 106lm/W
    Total power: 19 w
    Protection class: II
    Degree of protection: IP65
    shock resistance: IK08
    * The given dimensions can also be adjusted individually.