New cycle path bridge - the heart of the floodplain park in the city of Fulda

The new "Rosenau" cycle path bridge is harmoniously integrated into the floodplain landscape with curved arches and flowing paths. The aim of the new building was to create an ecological and economical building that creates a safe and direct connection to the existing cycle path network. A conscious effort was made to ensure sustainable construction and the use of wood as a renewable raw material.

Warm white NauticProfil® Sta. Maria 5 LED lines are integrated under the handrail of the approximately 85 meter long bridge. These ensure glare-free and continuous lighting. With the help of the movement-induced control and an optimal alignment of the lamps, the light emission is reduced to a minimum. This reduces light pollution and protects the flora and fauna of the "star city" of Fulda.


Municipality of Fulda - civil engineering office

lighting design

Altena light


Andrew Keller

FLASHAAR® products used

mounting profiles

NautiProfil® S1

lamp inserts

NauticProfil® Sta. Maria-5 IP65

spots / spotlights

Cycle path bridge Fulda
Cycle path bridge Fulda
Cycle path bridge Fulda
Cycle path bridge Fulda