Kisselberg-Mainz 2 cover photo

Modern lighting concept for the “gateway to Mainz”

The new cycle and pedestrian bridge leads over Saarstrasse on two specially raised and green hills and welcomes visitors to the state capital as a “gateway to Mainz” at the western entrance to the city.
It connects the Mainz University and the Mainz 05 football stadium with the Kisselberg residential and commercial area and puts an end to cumbersome detours as it finally creates a new, direct connection. There is barrier-free access to the bridge on both sides via wide paths and spacious stairs.
The functional path lighting on the bridge and stairs consists of NauticProfil® Victory LED lights that are embedded in the handrail. Asymmetrically directed light ensures even illumination of the sidewalks and steps, which guides pedestrians and cyclists safely across the bridge at night. The alignment of the lights is designed so that there is no glare. LED lines that trace the underside of the bridge arch underline the gate-like character, give the bridge lightness and make it appear to float.


Mainz business enterprise

lighting design

FLASHAAR Engineers GmbH


Christian Hattemer

FLASHAAR® products used

mounting profiles

NauticProfil® S1 (handrail)
NauticProfil® S2 (bridge beams, angled at 60 & 45 degrees)

lamp inserts

NauticProfil® Victory-5 |
3000K | IP65 Premium | Vandal-proof NauticProfil® Victory-6 | 4000K | IP65 Premium | vandal-proof

spots / spotlights