Tübingen 018 cycle station cover photo

Symbol for environmentally friendly mobility and an important connecting element between urban and open space

The new cycle station in Tübingen welcomes its visitors in a prominent location, as a connection between the central bus station (ZOB) and the park. There are a total of 2,000 parking spaces for bicycles, 1,100 of which are in the underground bicycle parking garage. The award-winning proposal from the architectural firm Haas Cook Zemmrich / Studio 2050 from Stuttgart was implemented: an inviting wooden building that is open on all sides and fits harmoniously into the surroundings thanks to its dynamic building shape.

In the above-ground part there are various service facilities, such as the bicycle rental, the workshop or the café, which integrates the adjacent park with its outdoor catering. NauticProfil® lights can be found here both in the ceilings and on the side of the stairs. Where they ensure optimal and efficient general lighting.

In order to create a bright and friendly atmosphere, the functions of the bike station are generously illuminated and therefore easy to read. Cyclists can access the underground parking spaces through the wide and light-flooded opening of the ramp. NauticProfil® LED lines of the Navigator type mounted on both sides illuminate the over 100 meter long, curved path downwards. They give visitors security and orientation. The lights are comprehensively protected from weather and environmental influences thanks to their PU casting. Thanks to their very long service life and low energy consumption, they are the ideal choice for many indoor and outdoor lighting solutions.


University city of Tübingen
Project management ZOB Europaplatz

lighting design

Altena light


Andreas Keller Photography

FLASHAAR® products used

mounting profiles

NauticProfil® S1

lamp inserts

Outdoor lights
NauticProfil® Nova-6, 3000K, CSW, IP65 Premium
NauticProfil® Navigator-2, 3000K, CSW, IP65 Premium
Interior lights
NauticProfil® Nova-6, 4000K, CSW, IP40
NauticProfil® Navigator-2, 3000K, CSW

spots / spotlights

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