Picospot Single Header Small

1031 lm* | CRI > 80/90 | 2700K - 4000K + RGB

PicoSpot Single

Discreet accent lighting in a minimalist design

This minimalist PicoSpot Single opens up a wide range of possible uses, as it blends seamlessly into any lighting situation.
The PicoSpot Single finds its raison d'être in showcases in particular. The spotlight, which is equipped with a powerful LED, can be rotated and pivoted thanks to the magnetic swivel joint.
Exhibits, objects, pictures or furnishings can be illuminated gently and in a targeted manner. The heads of the spot are available in different designs, short, standard and with a large opening angle, which can be exchanged quickly and easily as required. There is a choice of three different rotationally symmetrical lenses with beam angles of 18°, 26° and 43°.

* All information on the lumen flow refers to the light source. In combination with covers / lenses, there is a material-related loss of light.

Technical specifications

Rated voltage: 12-48VDC
Photometric code: 9XX/339;
CRI 92 8XX/339; CRI 83
LED service life: L80/B10 > 72,000 hours
L90/B10 > 34,000 hours
Dimmable: SPWM