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Binger Mouse Tower

After its renovation in the years 2013 to 2015, the Bingen Mouse Tower also received contemporary lighting in the form of Solaris 2 LED spots. In addition to the regular, warm white lighting, these enable colored lighting on five dates per year approved by the monument preservation authorities.

The Solaris-2 4-channel is a powerful LED spot in a compact design that was specially developed for lighting from bottom to top. Due to its housing size, it can be unobtrusively integrated into any architecture and without restrictions in the interior. The user can determine the individual color design of the four channels himself and thus also realize unusual light color wishes.

Soft to razor-sharp light spots can be easily implemented with the various, freely selectable optics. The cover plate consists of thermally hardened glass which is ceramically printed. Other color temperatures are optionally available, as well as a honeycomb grid between the lenses and the cover panel, which ensures maximum glare control.


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Binger Mouse Tower
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Binger Mouse Tower