District Office Esslingen - modern administration building in the name of sustainability

On the hill above Plochingen, the new branch office of the Esslingen district office not only fits into the landscape as a matter of course, but also combines both functionality and high ecological standards.
The administration building, which was planned and built to the very high standard of a KfW 40 efficiency house, offers space for over 220 employees. In addition to the equipment with decentralized ventilation devices and the use of water evaporation for cooling, a photovoltaic system was installed on the green roof. Air-to-water heat pumps and the use of efficient LED lighting complete the sustainability concept. IP Premium potted NP Sta.
With their warm white light, Maria provide a harmonious and pioneering lighting in the covered corridor, which connects the old and new building in a curved shape. The information point, the payment office and a spacious waiting area are located in the light-flooded foyer of the administration. Visitors can access the counter areas of the immigration office via the central registration office. In these areas as well as in the stairwells, numerous NauticProfil® built-in and surface-mounted lights ensure functional and energy-saving light.


Esslingen District Office

lighting design

IB Schwarz, Ravensburg
Rainer Popp


Martin Duckek
Roland Halbe

FLASHAAR® products used

mounting profiles

NauticProfil® S1
NauticProfil® R1

lamp inserts

NauticProfil® Nova-5 |
4000K NauticProfil® Navigator-2 |
3000K | IP65 Premium NauticProfil® Sta. Maria-5 | 3000K | IP65 premium

spots / spotlights

LRA Esslingen Martin Duckek
LRA Esslingen Martin Duckek
LRA Esslingen Martin Duckek
LRA Esslingen Martin Duckek
LRA Esslingen Martin Duckek
LRA Esslingen Martin Duckek