Gustav-Mahler-Staircase Kassel cover picture

Gustav Mahler staircase in Kassel - atmospheric and pioneering lighting

Just in time for the opening of documenta 15, the almost ten meter wide Gustav Mahler staircase is freely accessible again after a year-long renovation phase. With over 107 steps and several plateaus, it is the main connection between Karlsaue and the city center.

The listed staircase was planned and built in the 1960s by Hans-Herbert Westphal. The main focus of the refurbishment was on preserving the concept from the time of construction and the original aggregate concrete material. "Recycle & Reuse" was the innovative approach to achieve 2 Around 7000 plates and steps were removed, cleaned and reinstalled. New bands of contrasting concrete, a glowing handrail and new overall lighting complete the ensemble's restoration and transformation.

In addition to new mast lights, our NauticProfil® Sta. Maria-5 LED lines in the handrails, at the edges of the stairs, for safety through functional, even lighting. Thanks to the high quality of light with low lumen flow, our LED lights not only create an atmospheric atmosphere, they are also durable and energy-saving - literally "pioneering".


State of Hesse, represented by the Hesse State Office for Construction and Real Estate with the Hesse Kassel Museum Landscape

lighting design

Oskar Winter engineering office For building and lighting technology


Nikolai Benner

FLASHAAR® products used

mounting profiles

lamp inserts

NauticProfil® Sta. Maria-5 | 3000K

spots / spotlights