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Humboldt Forum in the Berlin Palace shines with lights from FLASHAAR®

There is another palace in the heart of Berlin: the reconstruction of the old city palace.
The Humboldt Forum is hidden behind the reconstructed baroque facades. A modern universal museum that invites you to discover the cultures of the world. Together with the neighboring Museum Island, it is one of the largest contiguous museum complexes in Europe. From September 23, 2021, the first presentations of the collections of the Ethnological Museum and the Museum of Asian Art of the Berlin State Museums can be experienced - staged with luminaires from FLASHAAR®.
A total of more than 1.1 km of FLASHAAR® light lines illuminate the collections and other areas of the palace. The LED lines support the architecture with their lighting effect without putting themselves in the foreground. The lighting concept for the Humboldt Forum comes primarily from the well-known lighting planning office Lichtvision Design GmbH from Berlin.

In the impressive domed room of the Asian Museum, 70 m of light lines bring out the grandeur of the room. The NauticProfil® lights integrated into the surrounding cove brighten up the ceiling with neutral white light and thus create a pleasantly diffuse basic light. The huge white dome serves as a display space for projections. Below it, visitors can find the centuries-old "Cave of the 16 Swordbearers" from Kizil, one of the great highlights of the exhibition area.

The immaterial cultural assets are presented in a specially created, high-tech room - the listening room . The exhibition of the ethnological museum deals with the music and the sound of numerous cultures and offers visitors the opportunity to experience the world with their ears. The textile walls backlit with FLASHAAR® light lines create a soft background for this.

In the Oceania exhibition of the Ethnological Museum (boat cube), ten special lights stage the coral showcase and create a unique underwater effect. She addresses coral bleaching and thus coral death as well as climate change.

The oldest objects relating to the history of the place can be found in the castle cellar An illuminated walkway guides visitors through the exhibition in the only surviving area of ​​the Berlin Palace. More than 220 meters of NauticProfil® lights were mounted below the jetty and set it apart from the dark background. This also enables visually impaired people to walk safely; creates orientation and safety and at the same time creates a floating effect.

In the Sculpture Hall of the Museum of Byzantine Art, the original sandstone figures of the palace facades can be viewed up close. Here, too, the aim of the lighting designers was to bring out the grandeur of the room and its exhibits. The FLASHAAR® lights integrated into the cove create a soft basic light. It is complemented by spotlights with directed light that illuminate the sculptures.

Large-format light coves, also equipped with NauticProfil® lights, characterize the appearance of the Humboldt Academy and thus help it to be recognizable. The academy is a training room where the flexibility of room use was important in the planning. The focal points of the academy are the temporary exhibitions and the permanent exhibitions on the history of the place.


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Lichtvision Design GmbH


Florian Selig

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