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Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Liederhalle Stuttgart

More than 1300 meters of linear FLASHAAR® LED lights illuminate the newly renovated congress area of ​​the culture and congress center Liederhalle Stuttgart.

The culture and congress center Liederhalle is located in the middle of Stuttgart and is one of the leading concert halls in Germany.
While large orchestras such as the Vienna Philharmonic or music greats such as Jimi Hendrix have been guests in the cultural center, the so-called Hegel complex is a popular venue for congresses, conferences and trade fairs. After an 18-month renovation phase of the congress area, the fire protection, the building and network technology as well as the stage and event technology are now state-of-the-art. In the spirit of sustainability, around 4,500 energy-efficient LED lights were installed for public lighting. Including numerous lights from FLASHAAR®.

Lighting concept with a blue ceiling colour: a major challenge for Gerd Pfarré's lighting planner was to make the extensive foyer area with its complex ceiling structure more inviting. They decided to paint the previously white ceiling a rich dark blue, adding calm and elegance to the space. Since the foyer is used for events, the lighting designers paid attention to a balanced distribution of light. They also optically brightened the room edges in order to sharpen their effect in the room. The used LED light lines of the type NauticProfil Nova-5 trace the striking ceiling openings with neutral white light. Due to the white cover used, no points of light can be seen and the line of light appears homogeneous throughout. The generous feeling of space is additionally supported by the light reflections of the floor.

Hegel Hall – special lights set the stage for the acoustic sails: the Hegel Hall is the focal point of the congress center. It offers space for almost 1,900 visitors and has an irregular heptagonal floor plan. The hall owes its good acoustics to a well thought-out sound system. Since no wall is parallel to the opposite wall, the sound spreads out diffusely - an advantage for the spoken word. Daylight falls through the distinctive light dome, which is divided into an upper and lower volume by hanging glass sails. This ensures brightness and perfect acoustics in all seats and is certainly the most striking component in the hall. Light structures are assigned to the glass sails, which create brilliance behind the glass. It was important to the lighting planners to preserve this light image after the renovation. To do this, they used special lights from FLASHAAR that are based on the NauticProfil Focus and achieve a wide light point spacing.

Hegel Hall – linear grazing light for the walls: LED light lines from FLASHAAR illuminate the walls along the Hegel Hall. The NauticProfil system used is ideal because it implements long, easy-to-install light lines with just a few feeds. In order to largely conceal the direct view of the light source, the lights were installed in a narrow, deep trench. Its grazing light visually emphasizes the walls and provides indirect lighting for the room. Different light colors are used: along the wall surfaces of the hall, 3000°K warm white light brushes the sides. On the outer walls it is 4000°K neutral white light. 30° linear lenses are used for precise light control, with the frosted surface realizing a light line that is as homogeneous as possible. The LED lights can be infinitely dimmed via DALI.

Foyer area – linear pendant light: The lighting designers used a new FLASHAAR light – the H2flex – to illuminate the ceiling trench. Its flexible design allows countless lighting solutions and serves the lighting designer as a space-creating modular system. The resulting black anodized pendant light is almost 30 meters long and follows the winding path of the ceiling moat. Equipped with high-intensity light inserts of the type NauticProfil Nova-5, their neutral white light serves as part of the basic lighting. The converters and dimmers are installed externally at the customer's request to simplify maintenance.

Toilet rooms – cove lighting: In addition to these central lighting elements in the Hegelsaal and foyer area, FLASHAAR NauticProfil light lines were also used for the functional and elegant lighting of the toilet rooms. Installed in a ceiling cove, the lights are invisible to the viewer. The indirect light serves as basic lighting and creates a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere.


Real estate office of the city of Stuttgart

lighting design

Pfarré Lighting Design


Florian Selig

FLASHAAR® products used

mounting profiles

NauticProfil® S1
NauticProfil® R1 special version
H2flex system profile

lamp inserts

NauticProfil® Nova-5
NauticProfil® Focus-3 Special version

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Song Hall outside
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song hall inside
Liederhalle Hegelsaal
Liederhalle Hegelsaal
Liederhalle toilet
Liederhalle toilet