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House T on the Neckar bend

The building with the square floor plan is part of the innovative project Neckarbogen of the city of Tübingen.
It offers its residents plenty of nature in the form of extensive green spaces and close proximity to the Neckar. A particular advantage of Haus T is its location near the city center. The sophisticated lighting concept underlines the high living quality of the residential complex, which was largely implemented with LED lights from FLASHAAR. For example, the NP Line Nova-4 with the NP-S2 luminaire profile was used to illuminate the stairwells on the standard floors.
The NP Line Nova-4 was also used to illuminate the doors in the basement and on the ground floor, here with the NauticProfil NP-S1. Incidentally, this profile/light combination was also used as a light source for the letterbox on the ground floor, but encapsulated here and with protection class IP65. For the elevator doors inside the house, on the other hand, the lighting planners around Dipl. Designer Jens Maier relied on the combination of Victory-4 and NauticProfil S1.
With its high level of homogeneity and no visible light points, this LED series is particularly suitable for light coves and wallwashers on shiny surfaces. The NauticProfil Line Sta. Maria-4 used together with the NauticProfil S1. Their special suitability for contour lighting and their high quality of light come into their own here. Another advantage is the possibility of realizing relatively long lines of light of up to 60m with only one electrical feed.


Project company Tübingen Neckarbogen mbH

lighting design

Maierlighting GmbH


Jens Maier

FLASHAAR® products used

mounting profiles

NauticProfil® S1
NauticProfil® S2

lamp inserts

NauticProfil® Nova-4
NauticProfil® Victory-4
NauticProfil® Maria-4

spots / spotlights

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