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Plenary Hall Wiesbaden

The FLASHAAR engineers created a lighting concept for the plenary hall in Wiesbaden, which was later implemented.
The existing chandeliers were retained and converted to LED technology. Thus, the original design intention of the room/lighting element in the room is retained. The supplementary basic lighting provided by downlights and indirect light lines blends almost inconspicuously into the existing ceiling field geometry. This results in almost no interference with the interior design. In addition to the requirements for the preservation of monuments, the workplace requirements are also met by the lighting level, which has been increased to at least 300lx average illuminance, and even optimized by the combination of direct and indirect light.
All lights are dimmable. This results in the possibility of presetting different lighting moods precisely matched to different uses. Our lighting concept had foreseen the following lighting atmosphere:

  • festive lighting, for example receptions...
  • Work lighting, for example conferences, congresses...
  • panel events
  • Lecture media, for example cinema


Hessian Ministry for Economic Affairs, Energy, Transport & Housing

lighting design

FLASHAAR Engineers GmbH
FLASHAAR Ingenieure GmbH


Maria Och

FLASHAAR® products used

mounting profiles

NauticProfil® S1

lamp inserts

NauticProfil® Radiant

spots / spotlights

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