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Schillerstrasse Zweibruecken

Increasing the quality of life and upgrading Zweibrücken in terms of urban planning - that is the goal of the "City on the Water" project of the City of Zweibrücken and the State of Rhineland-Palatinate.
The accent lighting around Schwarzbach and Schillerstraße with the town hall and Herzogplatz plays a central role. In the first phase of construction of the “City by the Water” project, which has just opened, FLASHAAR® NauticProfil® LED lines with Victory-4 luminaire inserts ensure aesthetic light reflections on the water.
The benches on Kastanienallee, which runs parallel to Schillerstraße, are also illuminated with LED lines from FLASHAAR.
Here the light planners rely on the FLASHAAR® NauticProfil® with LED lines of the type Sta. Maria-4. These were cast in PU during production and thus meet the protection class regulations according to IP65. FLASHAAR® Solaris LED spotlights illuminate the treetops in the avenue. Thanks to special PWM dimmers, the RGBW spotlights can bathe the trees in different colored light and thus create lighting moods for all seasons and occasions.


Stadtverwaltung Zweibrücken | city ​​planning office

lighting design

Flashaar Engineers GmbH


Flashaar Engineers GmbH | Melanie Brock

FLASHAAR® products used

mounting profiles

NauticProfil® S1

lamp inserts

NauticProfil® Victory-4
NauticProfil® Sta. Maria-4

spots / spotlights

Schillerstrasse Zweibruecken shore promenade
Schillerstrasse Zweibrücken Castle Staircase Handrail
Schillerstrasse Zweibrucken Castle Stairs
Schillerstrasse Zweibrücken Trees red
Schillerstrasse Zweibrücken Bach stairs Weiss
Schillerstrasse Zweibrücken Bach Stairs Red
Schillerstrasse Zweibrücken Bach Stairs Blue
Schillerstrasse Zweibrücken Bach Stairs
Schillerstrasse Zweibruecken promenade at the river
Schillerstrasse Zweibrücken bank in the foreground
Schillerstrasse Zweibruecken Allee
Schillerstrasse Zweibrucken Bank Allee