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LED lighting for the Theresianum school in Mainz

The Theresianum in Mainz is a state-recognized all-day high school, which has been one of the European schools in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate since 2019. The expansion and refurbishment of the church school, whose fire protection and building technology are now state-of-the-art, took almost three years. By switching to LED lighting, the school not only saves on energy costs, but also reduces replacement and maintenance costs.

The light planners from FLASHAAR Ingenieure stage the special architecture of the grammar school with light and put it in the foreground. The lighting effect should be perceived, but the lamp itself should be simple and unobtrusive. The lighting planners use different light colors according to the different types of use of the rooms. The classrooms are equipped with neutral white light, while the center, the library and the canteen welcome visitors with warm white light.

The basic lighting in the educational center is provided by surface-mounted spotlights with different wattages and beam angles.
FLASHAAR® LED light lines brighten up the perforated brick in the rear corridor area. In the canteen, the lights are mainly cylindrical in shape, which complement each other in different sizes and types of installation in the room. Here, too, the linear lighting is used as wallwashing using FLASHAAR® NauticProfil® lights.

The upper floors, built in a split-level construction, show open areas for working. The lighting planners achieve the necessary 500 lux with downlights and surface-mounted spotlights from the higher floors. As is already the case in the Pedagogical Center, the indirect lighting of the ceiling surfaces is used again here – this time in the form of an attached H-profile light. It is equipped with an LED line of the type NauticProfil® Nova-5 with an asymmetrical linear lens, radiating upwards. Below, various LED light inserts provide incident light in important areas such as the stairwells.

The planners also traced the steel construction in the roof area with linear light. The star-shaped arrangement and the clearly continuous white light lines create an exciting ceiling picture in the evening hours.


Diocese of Mainz, Episcopal ordinariate

lighting design

FLASHAAR Engineers GmbH



FLASHAAR® products used

mounting profiles

NautiProfil® S1
NautiProfil® H1

lamp inserts

NautiProfil® Nova-5
NautiProfil® Victory-5
NautiProfil® Focus-3 1Channel

spots / spotlights