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Trifolio Echternach

Cultural center with an incomparable atmosphere: With the Trifolion, the city of Echternach and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg have created a new and modern cultural center that is unparalleled in the region.
The light installations with the innovative components from FLASHAAR® create an essential part of the incomparable atmosphere. RGB LED chains provide mood lighting: the hall walls are designed with horizontally arranged, rectangular wall cassettes with surrounding shadow gaps.
RGB LED chains are installed in the joints of around 50 wall cassettes that are offset across the wall surfaces. Depending on how the room is used or the desired mood, the cassettes can be immersed in monochromatic or color-changing light. Imaginative play of light: The forum on the first floor gives the house a special flair with its imaginative play of light on the ceiling.
It is often affectionately referred to as the "starry sky". The decorative element, made using fiber optic technology, gives the room a festive character, which is why it is primarily used for exclusive receptions. The atrium is the heart of the building: the "atrium", the concert hall with a cubature of 8,500 m³, is equipped with the latest technology in terms of both acoustics and stage technology. The heart of the Trifolion has a movable and height-adjustable stage that easily offers space for an orchestra of up to 120 musicians.


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