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Linear light for the Theresianum Mainz. The Theresianum in Mainz is a state-approved all-day high school. The conversion of the church school took almost three years, and the fire protection and building technology are now state-of-the-art. Various linear LED lights, such as the NauticProfil Line Nova-5 and Focus 1Channel, emphasize the architectural features and shape their effect in the room.

LED light lines from FLASHAAR stage the special architecture of the church grammar school and bring it to the fore. The lighting effect should be perceived, but the luminaires themselves should be integrated into the architecture in a simple and unobtrusive manner. In contrast to the classrooms (4000 K), the pedagogical centre, the library and the canteen are equipped with a warm white color temperature of 3000 K, as a signal that a different use prevails in these rooms.