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Our new asymmetrical linear lens “ILAF”

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Our new asymmetrical linear lens “ILAF” – developed for safe and efficient handrail lighting

We have developed a new linear lens for our NauticProfil® system specifically for projects that require highly efficient and vandal-proof handrail lighting: the ILAF .

So far, the focus when integrating linear light profile systems in handrails has been on simple cabling, quick assembly and good ease of maintenance.

The ILAF is integrated into the NauticProfil® luminaire insert and is ideal for illuminating stairs, walkways or bridges. It is slightly frosted and the light emission is directed asymmetrically. While one side is illuminated evenly and glare-free, no annoying light comes out on the other side. With bridges, for example, unwanted reflections on water or road surfaces underneath can be avoided.

The combination of a final square cover and our patented FLASHAAR® PremiumCoating completes the use of the ILAF. The advantage – the feel in the handrail is not disturbed by a linear lens protruding from the grooved tube. The square cover gives the handrail a smooth and clean finish to the groove. Thanks to our FLASHAAR® PremiumCoating, the LED lighting is weather-protected and safe from vandalism, while at the same time absolute color accuracy of the LED is guaranteed.

Tried and tested combined with inventiveness – your advantages at a glance

In contrast to commonly used mast lights, innovative linear LED lines that are located directly in the handrail offer many advantages. The consistently homogeneous lighting of the paths gives a greater feeling of safety, reduces the risk of accidents and also ensures a reduction in energy costs.


Thanks to our proven plug & play assembly, the NP light inserts can be clicked into the NP mounting profiles in the handrail without any tools. Light lines in lengths of up to 120 m, with just one electrical supply, can be easily implemented thanks to our proven 48 VDC technology and the integrated, powerful flat cable.

The consistent use of high-quality aluminum core boards and durable materials in our NP light inserts guarantees a long service life, with over 100,000 operating hours in use. Protection of the NP luminaire inserts from weather and vandalism offers high levels of protection. With our in-house PU casting system, we can offer these in IP65, IP66, IP67 and IP69. Our covers and linear lenses made of PMMA score points with their very high UV resistance. Covers made of polycarbonate, on the other hand, are particularly impact-resistant. The lights cast using FLASHAAR® PremiumCoating guarantee absolute color accuracy as well as a homogeneous and uniform appearance. Low color temperatures, such as 2200 K or 2700 K, are also possible with high IP protection classes, e.g. IP66 or IP67. All components are coordinated with each other to ensure uniform lighting and prevent the intentional destruction of the LED handrail.

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