Made in Germany - is not just an empty phrase for us

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This sentence stands for innovative products, developed for specific projects and manufactured in Germany, at the Bingen site.
Research, development, production and sales work hand in hand under one roof, with the demand for the highest quality and reliability. Each light is tested for light output and quality in our in-house light laboratory before delivery. Based on a unique and patented plug & play technology for lights, we produce LED system kits that have been successfully placed and proven on the market. Lighting planners, architects, interior decorators and designers rely on our products "Made in Germany" - in Germany and internationally.

As a company, we value sustainability, efficiency and growth in harmony with our environment.
Short supply chains are environmentally friendly, reduce the costs associated with transporting goods long distances and give us the ability to respond quickly to inquiries and change requests. By producing locally, we support the local community, create jobs and stimulate the economy at the same time.
Almost all of our suppliers come from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Craftsmanship, qualified employees, the latest technology, uncompromising production quality, flexibility in order processing and delivery reliability speak for FLASHAAR®.