Pegasus Gold Cosima wave pool

Pegasus-3 Gold: Warm white in its most beautiful facets

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More than just a pleasant light - with the Pegasus Gold, warm white tones can be generated in a color space of 2200 - 3000 Kelvin. For a finely tunable feel-good ambience in restaurants, hotels, private homes and other places where a cozy atmosphere should prevail. The Pegasus 3 Gold has been specifically designed to work in the range of light used by humans

Donation fire brigade

A generous donation for the fire department

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Firefighters often have a dangerous job. Even if they are trained in courses and exercises to assess and deal with dangers, there is always a residual risk. In some missions, physically demanding work, heat, electrical hazards, hazardous materials and other factors can put rescuers themselves in danger and cause a medical emergency. But firefighters have to do it themselves